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Book 3: Augustine’s “On Grace and Free Will”

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I love Augustine. He is among my favorite church fathers. Here he takes on a daunting task- systematizing a view on grace and free will. Augustine essentially comes down on the side that free will exists…but does not operate outside of the will of God…which he refers to as grace. I agree with him with a small caveat…that grace and free will exist…but in the mind of God all views are in 3D…or 3T as in past, present, and future time ( or eternal omnipresence) while we only can conceive of actions in past tense to understand meaning…not having the mind of God and all. So free will and grace both exist…just not within our purview.

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The Dangers of the Word “Traditional”…or “No one ever suspects the Spanish Inquisition!!!!!!”

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(Introductory note….this post is kind of a left turn but has been a long time coming.  I am quite interested in major theological matters and life in churches.  I’m sure I will be getting back to lighter matter in the future…Also, this post will probably be over 100 words although I will try so I will not count this posts word count)

Recently, Dr. Eric Hankins has written “A Statement of the Traditional Understanding of God’s Plan of Salvation”, which is a document trying to clarify the traditional position of soteriology in Southern Baptist churches.  His concern is over this new concern that Calvinist pastors are getting into Southern Baptist churches and are spreading their views amongst their congregations.  Dr. Hankins’ objective is to amend the Baptist Faith and Message to eliminate this possibility of Calvinist invasion because Calvinism is not a historical Baptist soteriology.

We can argue with whether or not Calvinism is/was a historical view in the SBC (I think it is).   We can argue the biblical merits of both Calvinism and Arminianism and all the places in between (where I reside….as a moderate Calvinist).  But Dr. Hankins and those who have signed this document (many of whom I know personally) are not interested in this argument, for their mind is made up.  They have used a word that has been a huge bargaining chip in the SBC ever since the 60’s: they have labeled their view “traditional”… or correct…or infallible.  And here is where I draw the line.  This is not a debate.  The debate is now closed.

I agree with the SBC conservative revolution of the 1970’s and 1980’s.  The threat of liberal biblical teaching (almost a contradiction in terms) and the conservative backlash saved this denomination from going the route of some major denominations, making them essentially neutered theologically and noneffective practically.  But labeling Arminian theology as “traditional” by these leaders has one purpose: to equate Calvinism as “non-traditional”….or “liberal”…and this I can not abide.  In this case, not only do I disagree with the statement that Calvinism is a “liberal”/”non-traditional” theology, but I believe there is room in Southern Baptist churches for both soteriologies (and the Baptist Faith and Message clearly leaves room for both).  This is the beginning of an inquisition of conservatives to prove who can be the most “conserviest” in SBC church life, which is not “a hill on which to die”  to me

Pens-Flyers Game 6- Dead as Yesterday- Pens Lose

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Guess who’s team is playing golf today? Some thoughts:

– The Pens were never in this game. Not. At. All.
– That’s why you don’t go down 3-0 in a series
– Claude Giroux was pretty awesome this series. Set the tone early and never let up.
– 166 days till next season….can’t wait
– I will wrap up this season later….when I can think about this team and not swear under my breath.

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